Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Painting marathon (part 2)

Feeling encouraged by the painting on Saturday, I decided to try a two-day painting with the model named Rob, who had also posed for the second drawing in this blog. This time I wanted to push the color even more, so I chose an effect of yellow light producing deep green shadows. Rob was seated on an olive green drapery, but I felt I needed to invent a dark green backdrop as well to begin to make the colors work successfully as light and shadow. The effect is a bit bizarre but I think it works as an altered sense of perception in a strange light. As I said, I love to experiment with color, going beyond pushing colors that exist, to create combinations that are purely fantasy. All art, after all, is a fantasy, even when it is intentionally realistic.

"Rob 1"
Oil paint on canvas
28" x 22"

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