Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Painting marathon (part 2)

Feeling encouraged by the painting on Saturday, I decided to try a two-day painting with the model named Rob, who had also posed for the second drawing in this blog. This time I wanted to push the color even more, so I chose an effect of yellow light producing deep green shadows. Rob was seated on an olive green drapery, but I felt I needed to invent a dark green backdrop as well to begin to make the colors work successfully as light and shadow. The effect is a bit bizarre but I think it works as an altered sense of perception in a strange light. As I said, I love to experiment with color, going beyond pushing colors that exist, to create combinations that are purely fantasy. All art, after all, is a fantasy, even when it is intentionally realistic.

"Rob 1"
Oil paint on canvas
28" x 22"

Painting marathon (part 1)

After taking a break for a week or so, I hired a model to come on Saturday and another one to come on Monday and Tuesday (today). I decided it was time I get back to painting, so I worked as fast as I could on Saturday to complete the entire painting in one sitting (four hours). I love to experiment with color to create different effects even though they are not the natural colors in the studio. Here is the result of Saturday's experiment, painting as though there was orange light that produced purple shadows. The model, by the way, is named Chris and is the same one that posed for the first drawing in this blog.
"Chris 1"
Oil on canvas, 24"x20"

A less successful drawing

After that first drawing I posted on my blog, I hired another model on Sept. 20 for another drawing. Unfortunately, I didn't have any toned paper, which I prefer to use with colored pencils. To make matters worse, I tried a new kind of colored pencil that I was less familiar with. As a result, I was not very pleased with the result. But since the purpose of this blog is to document my progress, I am posting this even though I'm not happy with it.