Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fall Semester Still Life Painting Class

I just completed an intermediate still life painting class at the Academy of Art University. I've posted photos of the paintings in two albums.

The first album shows the paintings I created in class:

The second album shows the paintings done in my studio for homework:

If you want to see larger pictures, go here and here.

I have a lot of drawings that were done between last March and now, but I never got around to photographing them. Maybe I'll have time to do that soon.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The final week was spent drawing the satin jacket that the model wore the week before. The jacket was fitted on a mannekin. Since I had finished the drawing of the live model the week before, I decided to suggest the mannekin, rather than pretend the model was still there while I was drawing the jacket. I spent four days on the first drawing and then did the smaller second sketch on the final day of class.

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In the fifth week, I explored the use of toned, medium-value paper using both graphite and white charcoal. The model was wearing a shiny satin jacket, which was a challenge both this week and the last week.
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That was followed by a two-week pose with a different model. I changed locations after the first drawing. Then in the third drawing I focussed more on the clothing.


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Ted Seth Jacobs Portrait Drawing Workshop

In mid-January, we started another six-week session on portrait drawing. These were my drawings in the first two weeks of that class.

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After the six-week figure drawing session, when we had a break for the holidays, I hired a model to get more experience on my own. This was a two-day drawing (about 8 hours).
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There was a single three-week pose for the remainder of the figure drawing session. I stayed in the same position and drew the figure three times, at three different scales. The second drawing includes a bit of a drapery study as well.


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